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“I am writing to invite you to address a group of Administration officials that is charged with developing a national strategy for new and growing businesses,” The White House. 
“Tim is a good example of a leader innovator who generated creative discontent everywhere he went.   He had a huge vision – to fundamentally change the game being played by the energy sector in the United States, to move the sector focus from energy generation and utilization to energy optimization…”
Jatin DeSai, Innovation Engine, (Wiley, 2013) pgs. 199, 195-197 
“Tim is one of the most innovative and energetic people I have ever met… he has consulted with numerous product owners who were struggling to create strategies for their products, investigated and recommended new approaches to leading and managing the innovation process and submitted multiple detailed ideas for adjacent market growth opportunities.  Tremendous capacity to produce high quality work.  Superior intellect.  Creative.  High energy.  Team player.  Solid moral character.”  Matt Hillgard, SVP First Data (FD), performance appraisal for VP Product – Voice of the Customer.
"I want to thank and congratulate you for the stunning progress and accomplishment you have championed and led in the Retail Marketing arena… Congratulations and thank you for your enormous contributions to the progress we have made,” Hugh MacKenzie, President, Northeast Utilities (NU).
“At first, Tim’s plan and concept seemed impossible to execute.  He was persistent and dedicated to making the program work. Dick Lesher (former U. S. Chamber of Commerce president) recently said that the Initiative is‘The most successful program in Chamber history,’” Pete McCutchen,  U. S. Chamber.
"Tim is one of the best marketing people I have ever met.  Everything he says about his accomplishments during the time he was at Connecticut Mutual are absolutely true and then some,”  Denis Mullane, CEO, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company (CML). 
“Tim has been a driving force for change at NU.  His vision of the future and the strategic initiatives he has championed will have tremendous impact on NU’s future success… Tim is able to ignite those around him to achieve beyond expectations,   NU Change Master Designation.
“Your drive and dedication to the ECHO Smart Grid project is extremely impressive... You were the person who pulled the concept out of the clouds, saw the potential and made it happen.    On a more personal note, there are very few people, at least professionally, that can motivate me as do you,”  Jeff Byrne, IT Mgr., Energy New England.
“You were selected to participate in the (High Performer/Champions Connect) program (as VP Product) based on feedback from the Talent Forum,”  Kim Davenport, VP Organizational Development, FD. 
“I know that you supply a great deal of the ideas that drive this company…  Scott Dunn, VP IT, FD. 
“We are getting great traction with AIG. You have started something with great potential,” Henry Tsuei, President, FD China. 
“The International Franchise Association board voted to endorse FD as the sole vendor for Merchant Services.  Special thanks to Tim, who really opened the door for us,” Tom Epstein, VP FD.
“My heartiest congratulations to you for securing our co-sponsorship with the U. S. Small Business Administration to provide seminars on succession planning,” John Muro, VP, CML.
“I also want to salute the efforts of Tim, who made this relationship (International Franchise Association financial services portfolio endorsement) a reality for our company,”  John Muro, VP, CML. 
“In my opinion, Tim is the most valuable contributor to the Connecticut Mutual,” John Muro, VP, CML.  
“Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments during 2000 (as VP Marketing & Product Development).  Your accomplishments have earned you the distinction of membership in First Data’s Winner’s Circle,”  Ric Duques, CEO, FD.
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