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 Maximize The Use Of Mobile Technology
With over 4.6 billion people globally (2/3 of the world's population) now using mobile phones, it's possible to envision that nearly everyone on the planet could be joined together for good. And soon.
Don't Just Market --- Lead A Transformation
Mobile devices, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Augmented Reality and various Apps will transform virtually everything we do. Here and around the world.  Especially as 5-G takes hold.

This includes marketing, banking, energy management, shopping,
global farming, transportation, education, health care, nutrition, fun, global fishing, global industry and trade, government, news, remittances, computing, socializing, faith-fervency, social justice, fundraising, work and more.
From a bank marketing perspective, banks will have to start  
beyond just increasing their "share of wallet" or becoming "top of
wallet" -- to reaching "top of the device."
The organization  that secures the first fully-articulated,
mobile-transaction-based relationship will own the entire wallet. 
Mobile can already enable new, richer lifestyles and affinities.
LMI is devoted to making it happen. 
More Than Communications --
A Better Life.  Bank On It!!!

All types of services can be registered to a mobile phone.  Loyalty cards, coupons, receipts, identity cards, credit and debit cards, health care cards, smart grid energy controls, travel tickets and itineraries, licenses and more can reside on a device...  
And Move With You!
Just as we've seen mobile enhance social networking, photo sharing, entertainment and politics, mobile will make all our experiences more moving.

Farmers can track real time weather and crop conditions and manage their supply chain.

People will track and support their health, including with encouragement and enablement of healthier lifestyles.
Consumers can get valuable, relevant coupons, advertising messages and content when shopping or conducting a banking transaction... 
even receiving alerts from coupons and gift cards that are about to expire...  
Or sending gift cards with photos or rich media video clips... 
Sending remittances around the globe and receiving videos back showing the new lifestyles enabled, or including video clips of education or tips of a trade with remittances...
Making travel arrangements on the fly to enrich your life without killing your budget...  
Making or documenting business presentations without a computer...  
Projecting movies or streaming videos to a wall with all the joys a big screen TV but without the cost... 
Even receiving better government and utility services with more convenient options and payment terms.
Mobile means far more than just technology for better communications. 
It means tools for better living.  For billions. 
You can bank on it. And transact in new ways.
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