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Mediterranean Harvest For Life®
Mediterranean Harvest For Life® (MHFL) is a dietary regimen and "meta brand" experience that's based on the Mediterranean-style of eating which has been acknowledged as the best  eating style to keep us looking and feeling good.  Longitudinal research has proven its  potential to impact virtually all chronic illnesses and to increase our longevity. 

Mediterranean-style eating is a top  ranking food trend.
The Mediterranean Harvest For Life® affinity and coalition marketing resources can be particularly helpful for consumer package goods manufacturers, grocers, restaurants and health care entities in providing a valuable, delightful and differentiated new service. It's a foundation for coalition marketing success.

A MHFL Coalition Marketing Coupon Club

MHFL Affinity, Couponing, Loyalty Club And Shared-Mailing For CPG Manufacturers, Grocers, Restaurants And Affiliated Sponsors
MHFL plans to deploy an affinity promotion and shared-mail service advocating this style of eating on behalf of the many food products already available that constitute this style of eating.
To target the mailings for greatest ROI, we've compiled a national database of those dealing with health ailments, as well as people concerned with nutrition, to efficiently introduce this healthy eating regimen.

The MHFL dietary regimen addresses a huge and growing affinity group looking for support  -- and spending a lot to attain goals.  

Consider these incredible consumer purchasing and marketing trends:

-  National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Culinary Forecast listed Mediterranean as a hot trend on this year’s restaurant menus
- 66% consider health in purchasing (grocery) food items, after price (IFIC) 
- 133 MM cases of chronic illness can be uniquely addressed via Mediterranean style eating
- 66% of the U. S. are overweight/obese; many face future chronic illnesses
- Americans spend $40 B on diets (Business Week)
- Sodexo  College  Food Trends found students crave Mediterranean 
- Worldwide spend on Functional Foods is $128B; 40B US (PWC)
- 69% working actively to improve health (Packaged Facts)
- 19% of spend devoted to products with “wellness halo” (Hartman Group)

Enjoy Life More... Enjoy More Life!® 

There's tremendous potential for impact in embracing MHFL.  Mediterranean-style eating can help prevent birth defects, cancers, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD, asthma and more.  

Consider it a "Cradle-To-(Keep-You-Out-Of-The)-Grave" solution.

MHFL Can Help Deliver All These Societal Impacts:

Marketers will gain brand equity  and goodwill addressing our society's growing need to lose weight plus impact health by             embracing this flavorful and effective dietary regimen.

Plus, one study proved it can even help cut food expense and pantry dependency among the poor. It has also been cited as a solution to global warming through the reduction of methane that's associated with traditional meat-based diets. 

Mediterranean-style eating has received so much favorable press based  on its impact, it's now the top food trend.  And MHFL has received affirmation from university nutrition scientists based upon its potential    to impact health.

Consider, there are 133 million cases of chronic illness in the  U. S. and Americans spend over $40 billion on diets -- and Mediterranean-style eating has been proven best at addressing these needs.  It fulfills what the  Institute of Medicine calls for in "evidence-based nutrition in healthcare" and World Health Organization calls a healthcare "best buy."  

Multiple Community Groups Have Sought MHFL Support

Illustrative of MHFL's unique construct and value, MHFL has been  engaged by the city of Hartford's Senior Wellness Center, the Newark,   NJ, YMCA and Newark Museum, and a CT-based Church to educate on achieving health and wellness through nutrition. 

Newark Museum engaged MHFL to cater, sample foods and educate on the health merits of MHFL in their breakthrough Generation Fit" exhibit.  

In fact, the Museum proclaimed, "Take your MEDS" in encouraging members to participate in the  Mediterranean Harvest For Life dietary regimen to improve their health. 

MHFL was featured on a radio broadcast.

At the Hartford Health Expo, Connecticut's Commissioner of Aging even expressed interest in advancing MHFL based on its health merits.

Mediterranean Harvest For Life Resources

MHFL provides an array of resources to help people migrate to healthier eating, including:

  • MHFL Trapezoid reference of qualifying foods
  • Exhaustive MHFL Health Impacts Research
  • MHFL Healthy Eating & Living Plan (HELP)
  • MHFL Nutrition Facts comparison of calories, grams and more to help you feel full without filling out
  • MHFL Functional Foods description of specific food impacts -- high octane fuels to assure our body's peak performance and ideally extend life
  • MHFL League web community for sharing insights and encouragement

MHFL uses familiar -- not foreign -- foods.

Mediterranean-style eating is proven to be the best weight loss diet in terms of "stickiness" and impact.    

But perhaps even more importantly, the benefits of Mediterranean-style of eating start even before losing weight!
MHFL has been validated by the University of Nebraska Food Processing Center and nutrition scientists as having as big a potential to impact health as removal of trans fats from our diets. 

A WebMD doctor and researcher has referred to Mediterranean-style eating as, "There's a divine mix at play with the Mediterranean dietary regimen.  Olive oil plays a central role, but it is not alone,"
noted Dimitrios Trichopoulos, MD, Harvard School of Public Health. 
"It's among the divine mix of several factors that, when used in combination, help provide strong evidence of something that is very important -- eating the proper diet can significantly reduce your risk of early death. God knows what sorts of interactions take place within the foods..."

The presentation below explains how MHFL will support consumers and marketers plus deliver evidence-based nutrition in healthcare using an innovative IT strategy.

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