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Lifestyle Management International, Inc.


LMI examines our world's most pressing needs -- as well as trends and emerging opportunities -- and develops or secures innovative solutions to address them.

Lifestyle Management International, Inc., is a strategic collaboration group, comprised of industry experts with diverse backgrounds.  
Experts in this enterprise include:

  • LMI's founder, Tim Maurer, who has been an adviser to the White House National Economic Council as well as an executive who has led corporate, institutional and industry transformations
  • Tom Hiller, President of Consultants In Information Management, a noted lifestyle database compiler
  • Roberta Maurer who provides nutrition and dietary insights and other services 
  • Steve Collette, CEO and founder of DataTrack and FooNow
Tom Hiller was the creator of the Direct Marketing Industry's life event lists -- including new movers, new moms, new marrieds, new homeowners, etc. -- for Metromail, now Experian.

Steve Collette is an advanced data and analytics expert who has focused on food optimization.

Roberta Maurer is very active in senior care and nutrition. 

LMI can provide strategic planning, product development, technology innovations, marketing solutions and operational improvements to drive revenue growth, increased profits and global impact.


LMI can enable the planning and implementation of:
  • mobile payment processing, content, coupons and advertising
  • media content, video and multi-media solutions
  • in-store TV
  • innovations in dietary regimens to meet growing "good for you" purchases and address 133 MM cases of chronic illness
  • lifestyle, life event and behavior management strategies
  • solutions for the bottom of the economic pyramid, including global innovations in water filtration and farm irrigation
  • affinity group and loyalty solutions

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