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GIFT Is A Cross-Denominational Ministry Transforming Lives With Christ's Love

GIFT's mission is: "Transforming hearts, lives and communities by helping people receive, fan into flame and share the gift(s) of God."

GIFT seeks to support the 70% of the U. S. population and 2 billion people globally who profess a faith in Jesus Christ.  The Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) is helping transform lives so more people will more fully experience God's incredible love, and will ultimately live, and love, more like Jesus -- and transform our world.

GIFT Provides Spiritual And Compassionate Ministry Resources

GIFT wants people to appreciate that life, everything in it, and all we are and do, are gifts from God.   And that we should reciprocate to God for His incredible love for us.

GIFT is all about helping people  enjoy the abundant life God wants us   to have, through knowing Him more completely and through living in a right relationship with Him.  

Humility -- Living In Reverence To God, Drawing Nearer To God, And Loving Like God Is So Critically Important

GIFT encourages everyone to live a more humble and selfless life of love for all God's family.  GIFT encourages living our lives with this FAMILY acronym in mind:  "Forget About Me, I Love You," such that we love and care for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We want to help everyone to encounter, experience and share the incredible love of God -- our awesome Creator, Provider, Counselor and Savior.

GIFT wants people everywhere to live a life that glorifies God -- one that is genuinely concerned about, and engaged in, meeting the physical, material and spiritual needs of others. 

In particular, GIFT wants people to experience and share the hope and joy of living with God for all eternity. 

GIFT Provides Innovative Resources 
To Touch Lives 
With The Love Of Christ

GIFT provides support to Christians, Churches and Ministries to help transform lives and to help transform our world -- after all, what is the Church but a Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT).

Fulfilling The UN Sustainable Development Goals -- 17 Goals To Transform Our World

GIFT specifically encourages and enables all the members and organizations of Christ's Church to participate in addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals  Deemed "17 Goals To Transform Our World," the Global Goals include eradicating poverty, ending hunger, enabling wellbeing, responsible consumption and production, facilitating access to energy, closing the digital divide and other key measures of Christlike love.  What we're simply called to do in Matthew 25 and elsewhere in Holy Scripture.

Truly cross denominational, GIFT was approved at its inception by Omaha Archbishop Elden Curtiss, who described GIFT as "sorely needed" -- given our focus on Spiritual and Corporal Works Of Mercy -- and by Larry White, District Superintendent of the Nazarene Church. 

         Children's Ministries                      Compassionate Ministries 


        Adult Faith Formation                               Global Relief

GIFT Has A Vision For Establishing "Café & G.I.F.T. Shoppes"

GIFT's founder once "put out a fleece" regarding creating Cafe & G.I.F.T. Shoppe outreach centers to bring GIFT programs to communities everywhere.
This was immediately affirmed by the former president of Parables Christian Bookstores and is in keeping with Pope Francis' admonition to his former Diocesan priests to team with the laity and "rent garages" to reach where the Church isn't reaching. 

Café & G.I.F.T. Shoppes would be venues to facilitate encounters of Christ's love in cities and towns; to launch innovative programs that would impact lives in our communities and lives around the world; and to creatively support evangelization.

As part of their menu options, Cafes would serve the "good for you" Mediterranean Harvest For Life® dietary regimen. Cafes would even offer instructional gatherings to convey the health merits of Mediterranean-style eating, to help combat chronic illness and to help testify to the wonder of God's incredible creation.

Lord willing, Café & G.I.F.T. Shoppes would also offer the G.I.F.T. Cards That Make Change to help the community save money on everyday items and on personal needs and to support stewardship  and global relief efforts.  (Please refer to home page.)

Café & G.I.F.T. Shoppes would serve as hubs to bring all GIFT resources to communities and would ultimately encourage people to attend a local Church.

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