Next Generation Affinity Marketing - Lifestyle Management International, Inc.
 Bank Card Portfolio Optimization Expertise

While employed as a Vice President of Product at First Data, LMI's founder led First Data's transformation from a month-end processor to a near-real-time, card portfolio optimization processor.   

To help card issuers affect top-of-wallet preference, retention, cross marketing and risk management, he forged a partnership
with Experian Credit Bureau to integrate their daily trigger file into FD's card processing.  He also worked with FD systems experts to affect a breakthrough non-monetary pathing solution that enabled FD's first ever nightly processing vs. month-end processing.

LMI's founder then worked across First Data to develop a cross selling, up-selling and retention  system integrating Value Link Gift Card issuance; gift card activation for offer and fraud management; Western Union Overnight Letters; "PEP Pack" card carrier tailored messaging; and Call Center/VOIP functionality.  This innovative solution also incorporated loyalty card program offers, line extensions, and credit risk management strategies.

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