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Two Exciting Marketing Collaboration Opportunities
Lifestyle Management International is seeking to collaborate with appropriate marketers to support two large communities -- health-oriented and spiritually-oriented populations -- based on our extensive experience developing affinity programs and loyalty marketing initiatives.  

Marketers looking to increase sales and profits, while making a difference in the world, would benefit from learning about and collaborating with the Mediterranean Harvest For Life® dietary regimen and the Global Institute For Transformation® (GIFT) cross-denominational Christian ministry.
Mediterranean Harvest For Life®
Mediterranean Harvest For Life® is a dietary regimen designed to meet the growing interest in "good for you" foods  -- and the growing purchase intent specifically associated with Mediterranean-style eating.
A Top Food Trend Based On Weight & Health Impact

By participating in this dietary  regimen, marketers will sell  more and gain goodwill -- as it addresses our society's need to lose weight plus affect health.
Mediterranean-style eating has received tremendous press based on its ability to impact virtually all chronic illnesses. It's now a top food trend.
Developed With Scientists

MHFL worked with nutrition scientists to develop a "MHFL Trapezoid" of qualifying foods that most impact health, to help people lose weight, and to assure stickiness.  

MHFL has also been designated a USDA MyPlate Community Partner.

Coalition Marketing

Similar to the innovative ski area discount affinity program LMI management created back in the '80s, MHFL will be launching a coalition-based shared coupon marketing program with MHFL-qualifying products. 

We hope  our promotion will include popular brands such as these:
MHFL will tap our expertise in loyalty, in transaction-based loyalty incentive processing and in POS IT to drive traffic, sales, and return-visit loyalty. 

Fun-Filled Promotions

MHFL will provide a fun-filled travel promotion and coalition marketing FSI and webpage.
Marketers will succeed by harnessing LMI's innovative tools and a dietary regimen proven to impact weight and address virtually all chronic illnesses.

MHFL has been invited to multiple venues to advance the health impacts of style eating.

Global Institute 
For Transformation® 
Global Institute For Transformation® (GIFT) is a   501(c)(3) capable of touching 
the hearts of over 70% of the   U. S. and more than two billion people globally who profess a Christian faith.  Plus GIFT is committed to helping as many people around the world as possible to experience the love of Christ.
What is the Church
but a Global Institute For
Transformation (GIFT)

GIFT is unique in its ability to support all Christian churches, people of all denominations and even all those not going to church. 
GIFT offers an array of spiritual and compassionate ministry resources to support churches and Christian organizations, their members and their missions.
GIFT: A Global And Local Resource 

We are all God's children; we are all part of God's family.  GIFT is continually seeking innovative ways to support our brothers and sisters in the love of Christ.
GIFT seeks to support a world that is looking for compelling Christian resources, as evidenced by the significant success of the Bible TV series, the Passion of the Christ movie, the Purpose Driven Life book, Disney's Narnia movie and other Christian initiatives.

GIFT's brand proposition, uplifting content, unique cross-denominational reach and global causes make it a powerful  affinity group that can support the right partners. 

GIFT Provides Global Innovations And Impact

From a compassionate ministry perspective, GIFT pursues innovations in global Social Justice, such as providing water purification and farm irrigation. 


GIFT  has teamed with multiple
Church groups, ministries and denominations in deploying innovative new strategies.

Introducing: "The G.I.F.T. Card That Makes Change"

Based on running multiple affinity group marketing programs in the corporate world, GIFT leadership would like to serve the needs of the vast, global Christian community via a coalition loyalty program --"The G.I.F.T. Card That Makes Change."

GIFT would like to provide discounts to the vast Christian community on everyday items they purchase, so they can live optimum stewardship and extend their resources to supporting those in need materially, physically and spiritually.  GIFT would direct proceeds to Spiritual and Compassionate Ministry endeavors.

Put LMI's Trusted Strategic Planning And Innovation Track Record To Work Generating Revenue And Profit Impact.
From a trusted strategic opportunity realization perspective, LMI's founder, Tim Maurer, has advised the White House and National Economic Council on growth. 
Maurer's innovation track record was also highlighted in the 2013 business book, Innovation Engine. 
LMI's Affinity Expertise And Properties Can Support Marketers -- And Impact Our World 
LMI brings diverse expertise across marketing, affinity management, data, lists, payments, IT, POS systems and loyalty to assist marketers and ad agencies.   LMI management has served wide array of industries, including energy, insurance, financial services, banking, tourism and other industries.
LMI's founder has conceived and launched a ski area affinity card
and skier discount program; an International  Franchise Association
retailer loyalty program; an affluent affinity credit card with a Smithsonian
affiliate; multiple business affinity programs with the  U. S. Chamber
of Commerce and U. S. Small Business Administration; and corporate
Health Savings Account processing with Hewitt.  
LMI Brings Capabilities To Affect Affinity Marketing Impact

LMI can be your trusted affinity resource for significant marketing and sales impact with exciting properties like Mediterranean Harvest For Life and Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT).  LMI
management supports these initiatives with experience in affinity marketing, loyalty, payments, data analytics,  lists, POS systems and mobile IT.
LMI can also manage lifestyle and life-event list creation. And LMI can provide access to a unique mobile app and IT processing capability and to supercomputing resources to support consumers and marketers as well.  
To realize affinity marketing success, increased revenue and profit
growth, contact the team at Lifestyle Management International, Inc.
Call Tim Maurer at 402-212-7973. 
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